Hey, guys! I finally got JetPack working completely, hurrah! (Blessings on thee, Google, for always knowing the answer).

Back on topic, I made TTC’s first video…on the old WP.com site, I couldn’t upload videos, I would have done lots had I been able to.

At any rate, enjoy my satirical little poke at trying to write love letters to your crush when you’re barely a teen and can’t remember how to spell ”anonymous.”


For a 30-second video that only took 15 minutes to make, I’m pretty pleased with it. But watching it, I’m getting a bit tired of my own handwriting.

Thanks for watching!

10 comments on “Dear Crush…”

  1. Lol!
    (I totally relate to being tired of your own handwriting. I think yours is fine, but I can give you some tips if you like)

      • Yeah, taking time is key. I found that sometimes you just need to focus on making everything look the same. Try copying the alphabet a few times in your handwriting. You can copy a cool font from the internet, but I like to find my own style. I write in all lowercase because I think it looks cooler. I’ve heard small font is better, but for me I write round, fat letters. Also when using lined paper you should figure out where your placement of the font looks best. I went through a stage where I centered it, but then I finally settled on the bottom. I also let the top of the letter go to a little below the line and the middle of the letter go a little above halfway. That way the top half of the letter is smaller than the bottom half. I think it looks cool, but I think the main thing is just finding your own style that you like. Practice is also key.
        That was a long comment full of handwriting tipsπŸ˜‚ I like your handwriting though. Maybe just try to uniform everything and keep it the same size.(proportional)

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