Religion And Blogging

It used to happen occasionally. It seems to happen more frequently now. I’ll check one of my favorite doll/fashion/craft blogs, and there’ll be a new post-something like ”Amazing Grace; Accept Jesus Now!” or ”God Loves YOU”. Usually I skim through these posts, because a) I don’t find these posts interesting, and b) they irritate me. While I am Christian (Roman Catholic) I came to read about dolls/fashion/crafts, not about religion.

I know a lot of bloggers are religious, and that’s cool, so am I. But there’s a line between to witnessing to what you believe and driving people nuts with random posts. (more…)

Liebster Award

Hey, guys! The fabulous Bayance nominated me for the Liebster Award (duh, I assume you read the title). Definitely go check Bayance’s site out if you haven’t, she’s amazing.

I’m not bothering with the rules, because they always follow the same form of ”thankthepersonwhonominatedyoulinktotheirblogandanswerthequestionsblahblahblah” (spellcheck now hates me for that). I’m being a rebel today and because honestly, everyone just wants to read my answers to the questions. (more…)

5 Things Every Blogger Should Know

We all remember starting our blogs, yes? The feeling of securing a name and designing your blog. The excitement, the dreams of one day being a famous blogger. We all started out so ignorant and naive, and now, looking back, we wish we could tell ourselves all those things we should have known. Here are 5 things I think every blogger should know.

  1. Be Consistent. Guys, I cannot stress this enough-it’s hard to read a blog that’s so spontaneous, so have a schedule. And do not follow my exceedingly horrible example (Heh. Heh.).


When Feminism Goes Too Far



This post has been in my head for a while now, but I only worked up the courage to post it now. I welcome respectful debate and questions, but I will not tolerate any kind of insulting or hate. Thank you.

*You have been disclaimed*

”Women’s rights!!” I hear people screaming.
Me ”What?”
What rights, as women, DON’T we have? We can vote, become involved with politics, what CAN’T we do?
In this day and age, we’re taking feminism waaaay too far. Here’s why;

”Men look down on us.”
Well, have you ever considered the fact that maybe men care and are trying to protect you? I agree that men shouldn’t look down on us, but we can stop pushing away their chivalry with nasty looks and insults. C’mon, when a guy gets the door for you, he’s not doing it because he thinks you’re incapable of doing it yourself, the guy is trying to be courteous, not condescending.



”Trump disrespects women”
Where on earth did you get that idea? I really feel like we’re throwing Trump under the bus whenever we can, even when there’s no reason to. Trump isn’t perfect-is anyone? Nope. We tend to think that politicians are all conspiring villains, but, surprise! They’re not. So chill.

”Abortion and contraception is a woman’s right.”
Absolutely not. For so many reasons, it is NOT. As women and girls, we have a precious gift. We are able to have children. It’s an amazing, fabulous thing. Why would we throw that away, why would we work so hard to suppress that? If you had a gift for singing, would you go to great lengths to have your vocal cords removed? Didn’t think so.
It’s also wrong because no matter what you say or how you put it, abortion is murder. It’s snuffing out a tiny person’s life, because someone doesn’t want to care for it. A baby is not just a part of your body. It’s a person. We live in a seriously messed-up world if we freak out about child abuse, then turn and kill children. That’s incredibly depressing.

I’m all for women’s rights. I’m a Feminist For Life.


Our country has a warped definition of ”Feminism.” A real feminist would stand up for and be proud of her fertility. She wouldn’t suppress it and kill her child. Women deserve better than that.

I realize this post is extremely controversial. Again, I welcome respectful debate and questions, but will not tolerate insults or hate. This is my blog, and on my blog I express my beliefs. I’m not forcing you to believe what I believe, I’m simply expressing it.

Let’s teach the world what feminism really means.

5 Reasons Why I Dance

Hey, cupcakes! I was quietly dividing fractions this morning when my Mom set her phone down in front of me. I looked down at an email from my ballet school’s director.

It said I had been selected to get pointe shoes this summer.

I nearly fell off my chair, I was so surprised. I was dead sure I wouldn’t get them this year, as I struggle with Retiré position a good deal. Pointe shoes? Me? Get real. But there was the email, loud and clear, with the fitting and class details. Let’s just say fractions were quickly forgotten.

In light of that, today’s post is on 5 reasons why I dance. It’s why I’ve danced continuously for 8 years, and why I have no plans of ever stopping. Ballet is an amazing art, and I think it’s something everyone can enjoy, whether watching or dancing.


#1. The Music

I’m one of those people who’s constantly singing or humming. Constantly. I love how music-centered ballet is, not just on the speed and beats, but on the overall emotions the music conveys. It’s so fun to get to be so fearlessly dramatic, especially onstage.



#2. It Demands Constant Improvement

It’s impossible to do a perfect tendu. Despite the fact that it’s one of the simplest steps in ballet, you can always, always improve. You are never done with ballet training, and unless you retire, there is no ”end”. Even principal dancers take class every single day. Ballet constantly demands and requires conscious improvement, from turning out just a little more more to lifting your extension just an inch higher.\

#3. My Sister and I Do It Together

Ever since she was born, my little sister Janie has been tagging along to ballet class. She’s watched me do more combinations than I can count. She’s watched all my performances, from The Nutcracker to Coppelia. So when she turned 4, all she wanted to do was ”dance, dance, dance!” (Oh my head, she was so cute when she said that). I love being backstage with her, I love stretching with her, and I love sharing little ballet tips I’ve picked up, along with studio news. She has the same teachers I had when I was her age, and teachers are always saying ”Are you Natalie’s sister?”. Teachers are always asking me ”Are you Janie’s sister?”. We spend a lot of time at the studio, and I think it’s a big part of our sisterly bond.

#4. Being Onstage

I love, love, love performing. It’s my absolute favorite part of ballet, no doubt. Somehow I always feel like I dance better when I have people watching (no matter if my hat falls down because the elastic strap has stretched, nobody cares! I hope). The costume, the makeup, the obscene amounts of hairspray, they all make seem more real, and then you step out onto the stage and start dancing…I live for that. Especially when people literally scream for your dance at curtain call!

#5. The Costumes

I’m not going to lie, wearing loads of tulle and sequins makes me dance better. Who doesn’t love sparkles and satin? Ballet would not be ballet without the costumes.

Are there any dancers here who can relate? Is anyone else getting pointes this year?

Welcome To The New TTC!


Hi, guys! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you just hit the link over at my old blog-so welcome! I’m super excited to finally reveal my new site, and to have a domain. So here’s what’s new;

  • All-new design
  • New cupcake logos 🙂
  • Jeb’s Jog! This is the special surprise I was talking about. Many thanks to my brother Dan who programmed it. You can find it here

I’ll also be waaaaay more on top of my posting schedule, and I have some great posts coming up. Here’s a sampler;

  • Survey Results
  • Video; Chocolate Keto Fudge Mug Cake Recipe
  • Trendy Tuesday post series
  • Why The Diet Industry Has It Wrong
  • Ultimate Guide to Keto Snacking

I really can’t wait to get started posting! I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays, FYI. This week I’ll be picking up on Friday. Oh, and by the way-I’ve got a new signoff.


5 Weird Toys+ Domain Update

5 Tasteless Toys.png

Hey, Peeps! Today I’ve got another roundup post for you-this time, it’s some toys that I think are just utterly tacky/gauche/tasteless-I’ve decided to make this a weekly post series, because I pretty much do them once a week already. 5 Things Friday, anyone?

1. L.O.L Surprise Dolls

Apparently the L.O.L stands for ”Li’l Outrageous Littles.” But why are the dolls heads so big? Are they supposed to be babies? Toddlers? If so, why does the one in the picture have a coffee cup? The doll looks overtly made-up and strange-overall almost ugly. Not a tasteful toy, in my opinion.


2. Slime

I really don’t get why this is such a big deal-it’s squishy and stretchy….and you can make it sparkly. It seems like it’s moment in the spotlight should have lasted about 30 seconds. But no, people are still mixing glue, borax, shaving cream, and goodness-knows-what-else to make this gooey substance. I admit, it was fun for about 5 minutes, and it can be a good science experiment, and stress-reliever, but then? Ok, I’m done. I find slime tacky for a couple of reasons; what kind of person walks around all day with a blob of borax goop? Not someone with any kind of taste or flair.  Also, handing around and playing with slime is a really good way to get the flu, or any other kind of bug that’s going around, because you are basically playing with a ball of germs. Not sanitary, guys.

[for more on disliking slime, check out Bayance’s post here.]

3. FurReal Friends

These things seriously creep me out. Supposedly, they are animatronic ”pets” that make noises and blink and eat or whatever.  However, you stop caring about all that when you are alone in a dark room and you hear a creepy barking sound that makes you jump. That alone would be enough to make me not like them, but they are also overpriced, break easily (my sister bought one, and it broke within a week. By then, however, she had lost interest, because it didn’t move on it’s own like the commercial implied.) and are no replacement for real pets. Actually, I find the majority of them to be blatant insults to the animals they try to replace. I have two cats. They are my furbabies. They pur, and play, and I never have to change their batteries. They walk around of their own free will, and are not limited to silly voice-commands. No robotic-fake-fur-covered device could replace them, ever.


4. Num Noms Snackables Dippers

From what I could gather, these are (non-edible, the packaging makes that clear) plastic cups filled with slime that have a little toy inside. As I said in #2, I find slime uninteresting and tacky. Well, these slimes are even weirder, because they’re scented. Gross. Also, they cost $3.99…so what you are buying is a disgustingly scented borax concoction with a piece of plastic inside. Eventually, it’s just going to get mashed into your carpet and the little toy will get lost. What a fabulous purchase.


5. Fidget Spinners

Like the slime, these bewilder me. They spin. Big deal. Why are we so obsessed?



I’m just making some last adjustments to my new site, and getting everything ready, including the special surprise (I’m so excited for it! EEK!). However, due to some stubborn glitches in the widgets on my new site, and a couple of other weird quirks, my domain switch has been rescheduled to the first week of March. I’ll let you know the exact date closer to the time. Thanks for being patient!



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